What makes Tasly a great company to collaborate with?

July 15, 2022

What makes Tasly a great company to collaborate with?

We invite you to consider collaborating with Tasly U.S. if you are interested in shaping the future of medicine and enhancing the quality of life for individuals in the United States and globally. Our primary focus is on botanical medicine’s ultimate potential, and we aim to integrate practices refined over thousands of years into modern medical approaches. This integration seeks to minimize negative side effects and promote overall health. 

By merging the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with cutting-edge digital technology and scientific advancements, we are pioneering botanical medicine. We believe botanical medicine has the potential to transform the lives of millions of patients suffering from chronic pain and significantly enhance Western healthcare practices. Botanical medicine prioritizes addressing the underlying root causes of conditions rather than merely treating symptoms, which can facilitate a more holistic restoration of the body without the adverse side effects commonly associated with many prescription medications.

What is Tasly US? 

Tasly Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Tasly U.S.), incorporated in 2006 and based in Rockville, Maryland, specializes in the research and development (R&D) of products, contract research organization (CRO) services, and business development. Our facility meticulously tracks ongoing clinical trials, including those regulated by the FDA, while conducting independent research to enhance existing products and develop new ones.

The mission of Tasly U.S., “Dedicated to a Healthier World,” aims to provide the medical industry and patients with safe, effective, and high-quality botanical medicines. We are committed to conducting all aspects’ research on every single product before it reaches the market. By starting current FDA regulations, we ensure that all our products comply with these standards and meet FDA requirements before global distribution.

Our efforts have also been recognized as T89 (Dantonic) has become the botanical medicine derived compound to complete an FDA Phase III global clinical trial with promising data. The results indicated that T89’s pharmacological functionalities in improving blood circulation, boosting energy metabolism level, and reducing blood thickness made the drug to express clinically significant benefits.

We anticipate that this success will pave the way for the future use of botanical medications as effective and safe alternatives to synthesized chemical and biological treatments. At Tasly U.S., the quality of or products is of the utmost importance. We have always emphasized investing in research and development as the core of our business.

What makes Tasly the best working place in the USA?  

Our employees possess expertise in science, pharmacy, research, marketing, and economics. Their critical and creative thinking skills are instrumental in advancing our mission at Tasly U.S.

Tasly U.S. maintains a clear business strategy and perspective. We provide a professional working environment characterized by transparent management, results-oriented tasks, teamwork, collaboration, and competitive benefits.

Employees can earn up to between ten (10) days to twenty (25) days of accrued annual vacation, in addition to eight (8) sick days, nine (9) observed federal holidays, and three (3) floating holidays.

Health Insurance will be provided, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is available to enroll besides Workers Compensation coverage.

Long-term disability allowance with an option to participate in short term disability or other insurance. We also provide employee assistance (EAP) and a retail discount program.

In support of fostering retirement savings among dedicated employees, Tasly U.S. offers a matching contribution to the 401(K) Retirement Savings Plan, in addition to the Retirement Lump-sum Award Plan (subject to specified conditions). These benefits, in conjunction with various amenities and advantages, constitute an attractive employment package conducive to fostering a desirable work environment for employers worldwide.

Why is now the time to invest in Botanical Medicine?

We contend that the integration of botanical medicine with contemporary scientific progressions holds promise for advancing medical practice and shaping a more favorable perception of the body’s healing mechanisms. Our mission is “Dedicated to a Healthier World.” We offer effective, safe, and high-quality botanical medicines to benefit the medical field and their patients. Our solutions aim to mitigate the side effects associated with conventional medications. 

We advocate for patient autonomy in healthcare decisions, maintaining that individuals should actively participate in selecting treatments for their bodies. Botanical medicine offers patients the option to opt for natural interventions devoid of adverse effects typically associated with conventional therapies.

If you believe in our mission and want to join a dynamic company that is ready to help healthcare, we’d love to speak with you! Email address: contact@taslyus.com