Tasly prides itself as an example of global diversity. Employees enjoy a culture-rich environment, with a focus on celebrating, sharing, and using that diversity to create a productive and inclusive workplace.

Tasly believes in providing benefits for the whole person and its benefits and work environment reflect this belief. In fact, as its markets expand globally, Tasly has recognized the importance of being able to understand and reach out to the individual needs of people from other cultures and regions, and has been making continuous effort to nurture multicultural, talented, and well-trained employees.

Work for Tasly

Diverse: From all across the globe, employees contribute their own strengths and geniuses to build and promote the Tasly team. With many backgrounds including communications, marketing, education, science, research, and their own personal experiences in the arena of pharmaceuticals, every team member brings a unique perspective that enhances Tasly’s mission.

Committed: Some of the most experienced minds in the world of medicine and other industries call Tasly home. Why? They understand the potential of a holistic approach to medicine and are committed to the mission that Tasly is striving towards – A future of a new integrated medical system.

Innovative: Innovative approaches bind the culture at Tasly. With diverse ideas, come diverse solutions. We encourage innovative ideas as building blocks for the future.

Career-Minded: Tasly offers employees a variety of career paths and opportunities for professional and personal growth through training, professional development and promotion.