As we have grown, we recognized the importance of being able to understand and reach out to the individual needs of people from other cultures and regions. We have purposely made continuous efforts to nurture and learn from these diverse cultures. In the process, we have gained some of the most talented, and well-informed partnerships. We are proud of our achievements, but we believe in having great partnerships as well. To be a part of the medical revolution that we are introducing, we seek to work with like-minded investors.

Work with Tasly

Investing with us provides you with a number of opportunities that include:

  • Diversity:

From all across the globe, Tasly has team members that contribute their own strengths, geniuses and their own personal experiences in the arena of pharmaceuticals to build and promote the Tasly dream.

With members from different backgrounds and in diverse fields such as communications, marketing, education, science, and research, every team member brings a unique perspective that enhances Tasly US’s mission.

  • Commitment:

Some of the most brilliant and experienced minds in the world of medicine and other industries call Tasly family. Simply because they understand our vision of a holistic approach to medicine and are committed to the mission that Tasly is striving towards.

  • Innovation:

For society to access a future of new integrated medical systems, innovative approaches such as Tasly’s Innovative Chinese Medicine (ICM) are the key. Diverse ideas bring diverse solutions, and that is what our culture at Tasly is built on. As a leader in ICM, Tasly is constantly innovating while building the concept of synergism in medicine.

  • Safety and Responsibility:

Our service is dedicated to a healthier world. We believe great health is a community effort and this philosophy is exemplified by the variety of programs that we support. We are consistently pursuing opportunities that create a positive impact in our world and that promote health.

At Tasly, we also believe in maintaining the highest safety standards. We have ensured that safety and high-quality standards aren’t about marketing for profits but about social responsibility. By exceeding safety standards, we have succeeded in bringing new, Natural health solutions to more than 2 billion people in 24 countries worldwide.

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