Manufacturing Quality

Tasly Group has the world’s largest proprietary automatic dripping pill and packaging production line.  With a patented design, it meets all relevant international standards, including the use of global digital control and digital analysis of key process parameters. 

The Tasly Group production line features industry-leading, intensive web-based control, high-speed operation, precision pill counting, label attachment, real-time automatic online imprint monitoring, and automated incompliant product detection and removal. 

The entire automatic dripping pill and packaging production line may be operated automatically, from feeding to finished product collection, without any manual intervention. This state-of-art, highly technological production line ensures Tasly Group products are of the highest-quality and consistency from batch to batch.

Dantonic®, the first herbal medicine-derived compound to complete an FDA Phase III clinical trial with promising data, is manufactured on this automatic dripping pill and packaging production line.

Quality Control

Tasly Group is proud to be one of the few alternative medicine manufacturing companies in the world to earn accreditations. We believe that the more safety and quality documentation provide the medical/healthcare community and its patients, the more confidence they will have that Tasly Group offers among the best health and wellness products in the industry.

We do this by abiding by and achieving manufacturing’s most exacting global standards, as follow:

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

The practices required to conform to guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing for manufacture and sale of food, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products.

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) cites GAP as a collection of principles to apply for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food. 

Tasly Group uses GAP in medicinal plant production control standards and procedures, mainly to ensure raw material concentration, quality, uniformity, and stability. Even though GAP is a general principle, the specific needs of each Tasly Group ingredient have their own Standard Operation Practice (SOP).

Good Extracting Practice (GEP)

GEP covers extraction, condensation, chromatography, crystallization, filtration, drying, and others. 

Following the strict GEP rule is of extreme importance, not only to the influence and stability of a medicine’s quality, but also to the efficacy of its healing effect.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

In the experimental (non-clinical) research arena, GLP specifically refers to a quality system of management controls for research laboratories and organizations to try to ensure the uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, and quality of their laboratories.