Providing the Medical Community and Patients an Effective, Chemical-Free, Natural Alternative.

The Western world is ready for a change in medical practice. It’s our mission to share the practices and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tasly is leading this change by pioneering the most aggressive paradigm shift in Western medicine – evidencing that the 5000-year-old practice of herbal medicine is as effective and safe as chemical, synthetic and medical treatments.

Through the use of progressive technology, cutting-edge scientific research and rigorous clinical trials, performed under the most meticulous quality-control standards, documented clinical evidence has already given validity to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is Tasly’s mission to share the practices and principles of TCM with the Western world.

We are bringing the concept of innovative herbal medicine to the Western Hemisphere. We work to expand and promote the theory of synergism, a philosophy that differs from modern Western medical theories. We strive to help the medical community with their evaluation of herbal medicine in order to lead worldwide healthcare and New Medicine in the future.

Our goals:

Improve the United States healthcare system.

The future of medicine does not have to be complicated. By combining modern technology and thousands of years of herbal medicine, Tasly has simplified the creation of natural solutions in 24 countries around the world. Now we are focused on using those solutions to change the healthcare game in the US.

Integrate a new medical system that puts patients first.

At Tasly, our first priority is giving patients new prescription choices. From the ground up, we have our eyes set on building a new integrated medical system – a system that combines Eastern and Western medicine. This system lowers costs, increases effectiveness and can provide a healthier future.

Initiate a shift from harmful, chemicals to safe, natural cures.

Tasly recognizes that the need is simple: The United States needs to move away from chemical cures. We recognize that the best practices and processes are chemical-free, natural solutions. We have a responsibility to provide the healthcare community with the safest medicine solutions possible.

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