Providing Scientific Support to Enhance Product Awareness

Medical affairs is a major part of our scientific team at Tasly. We work to provide scientific support to both internal functional units and external customers.

Education and Medical Information

We are the source of basic medical knowledge about our products and related disease to internal personnel.

For example, we have conveyed educational medical/scientific information to our employees about heart disease, memory problems, immune function and disease and the synergism of Chinese medicine. We also deliver lectures to the public in various community centers about heart disease prevention and mTCM. We also respond to questions from outside customers and healthcare professionals.

Marketing Support

We provide scientific input and expertise in the design and construction of all promotional materials and events including brochure design, website material preparation, video script writing and blog editing. We also review all materials including educational, technical and promotional materials to ensure all documents are scientifically sound, appropriate and adhere to FDA regulations.

Key Opinion Leader and Medical Liaison

We have developed and maintained our Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), who are recognized experts in cardiology, immunology, neurology and primary care. We have also established a close relationship with medical professionals in related fields.

We attend scientific conferences and deliver presentations to promote and enhance the awareness of Tasly products and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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