Where the Past Meets the Future

Herbal medicine is the treasure of our traditional culture and has made great contributions to the prosperity of the Eastern world, as well as to the health care of its people.

As the leading company in the industry, Tasly

  • adopts new technology to promote traditional industrial technology
  • establishes the ability for herbal medicine innovation
  • settles the pharmaceutical technique bottleneck
  • and forms rational development mechanism.

It is because of the technology of innovative herbal medicine and the creative spirit that Tasly increasingly takes the road leading to industrialization and internationalization. Currently, Tasly is trying to build up an industrial group of innovative herbal medicine that will influence the whole world, redefining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine (iTCM).

We know that this is where the future of medicine lies and our goal is to share the benefits of herbal medicine with all.

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